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January 21, 2010


Glyn Normington

A typo: JSR 294 was marked inactive rather than JSR 291.

Alex Buckley

It is completely incorrect to say that "JSR 294 is the standard that will define the module system for Java SE 7." JSR 294 does not define a module system. My JavaOne 2009 talk on 294 was quite clear:

"What JSR 294 is not
– JSR 277
– Just the 'module' keyword
– A module system"

Regarding "Jigsaw":

The OpenJDK Jigsaw project contains the RI for JSR 294. The RI for JSR 294 is not a module system.

The Jigsaw module system is a separate engineering project, also hosted in the OpenJDK Jigsaw project.

Kevin Webber

One reason OSGi is still a hard sell in the corporate landscape is the lack of straightforward support from the major AS vendors (IBM & Oracle mostly). Another reason is that most large corporations, the ones who would really benefit from OSGi, are the ones least likely to take on the risks associated with being an early adopter. Until IBM/Oracle fully throw their weight behind it and make it almost a no-brainer for enterprise developers to leverage, OSGi will remain one of those really well-kept secrets. As long as Oracle doesn't do anything insane with Java, I'm sure OSGi will gain traction. :)

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