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January 06, 2010


Peter Keane

No mention of Distributed Version Control Systems (Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, etc.)? They seem (to) mighty important in the grand scheme of things. Ah -- maybe that falls under development practices....


You list Amazon when you should have said Cloud Computing. This entry compares and contrasts all the major cloud developer platforms and not just EC2.


Drew Arrigoni

I noticed there were no view type technologies. No AJAX, no Flex, no Mobile Apps. Is this intentional?

Cloves Almeida

I'd say ORM, with Hibernate as the lead. For a large number of coders, writing software meant debugging SQL statements.

@Drew: In the view tech arena, I'd say that last decade disruptive technology was "usability". In those pre-Web 2.0 days, making a site easy to use for "commom" people was an afterthought.

I guess you could thank script libraries like prototype.js, jQuery and Scriptaculous for making it easy.

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