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March 16, 2009


Adrian Grigoriu

SOA consists of a business architecture component and a technology one.
The business architecture, the key part, should be part of the Enterprise Architecture development as the Enterprise target state.
The technology component, composed of integration and distribution middleware (ESBs, WS), Orchestration (BPM, BPEL), Service Discovery (UDDI) etc, is reduced by IT to a quick application wrapping and ESB or WS integration effort.
SOA fails because it is not in the jurisdiction or knowledge of IT to design a Business Architecture. In any case, neither IT nor the business people have support from the EA for business reference maps or templates to design business architecture although some process frameworks exist. So I agree that SOA becomes SOI because the business architecture is a question mark today, not to mention one based on services.
Sorry, a late comment. I wrote an EA book and blog on EA and SOA at


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