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April 30, 2008



I was recently talking with JBoss about their ESB and other products. They already have a "Tomcat+" container, and they are working on a transition to OSGI. I would suspect JBoss app server is going to the same way. The demo of the ESB product showed it to be very modular already, and having BPM integrated in was nice. OSGI has been making a lot of inroads. There is a competing spec in a JSR but it appears to be kinda stuck, and it does look like Java Enterprise Edition is going to keep losing market share, no matter what the platform is. But the issue with most market share surveys is the lack of accounting for open-source installations. And SOA is changing how we look at application servers, too. What's clear is that the future is not entirely clear.

Eduardo Pelegri-llopart

Hi Joe.

Have you looked at GlassFish v3TP2? It is available today [1]. It is modular, very fast (sub-second startup), with OSGi support (builds on Apache Felix), full web-tier with Java Tier (based on a Tomcat branch), modules for Web Services, JavaPersistence, Grails and JRuby Scripting, and more. Ah, also embeddable.

The responses so far are very positive.

More information on OSGi initiatives within the GlassFIsh community at [2].

Let me know if you want to chat about this area. -- eduard/o


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