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April 22, 2008


Donald Chi

It is not surprising at all about your finding more talk about culture and people instead of technology. Technology is no problem; in fact technology is quite mature and we have just about all we need.
I have functioned as a champion for SOA,BPM, orchestration, grid computing, etc. to achieve agile business and IT. The IT is broken and we as a nation have wasted millions and millions of failed and lousy applications.
The problem is that totally insufficient number of people understand the entire "application infrastructure" & organization to realize the agility through the new application development paradigm. The developers push back because they would have to learn new ideas and skills. It may reveal their lack of marketability. The project managers push back because they don't want their project to get delayed and moreover they really don't understand it. The bottom-up approach often creates chaos because they tend to create services and still retain the point-to-point connectivity and also create new "SOA" silos. This leaves a bad taste in those who have to fund it.

The situation is fairly much the same as the predicament PKI was in several years ago. Now it is common solution to identity management and information security. It will take a generation of new IT and business analysts to rise up before "SOA" concepts can take off because educational process is slow. The universities haven't caught up and the technical education institutions have not caught up either.

There are only a few success stories. To me, the outlook for "SOA" is bleak for another few years of drought. Just hope that so many good products and good companies would be able to survive this period.

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