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June 22, 2007



"...remains to be seen?!" The NetBeans Platform is the basis of all tooling in Sun and there are many ISV's making use of it. It's a main focus point for Sun already, as far as I can tell. Get your facts straight. Go to Amazon.com and see the book that Sun has just published about the NetBeans Platform, if you need further persuasion of the investment being made in this area.


Thanks for the comment, Tom. I assume you're referring to the year-old "NetBeans IDE Field Guide." The level of investment the core NetBeans platform is obvious from Sun's own tools. Yes, others are building on NetBeans now, as evidenced by some great demos at Java One. Perhaps instead of starting my closing sentence with "whether" I could have said "the extent to which..."

The issue is how much effort Sun wants to put into building a community and ISV ecosystem around NetBeans as a tool platform. Do they go all-out? or just let it build natural momentum? Thus far, it looks more like the latter approach. Given all other initiatives Sun has going on, the huge momentum of Eclipse, and Microsoft upping the ante , I think it would take a big investment to push NetBeans to the next level of industry momentum and buzz.

My recent conversations with folks at Sun give me the impression that they're trying to how hard to push.

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